Уфимский государственный институт искусств имени Загира Исмагилова

About Institute

Zagir Ismagilov Ufa State Institute of Arts is one of the leading creative Higher Education Institutes in Russia. At the same time the Institute is unique multi-disciplinary Higher Education Institute in the Republic of Bashkortostan, where skilled professionals in the field of music, theatre, choreography and visual arts are trained. The Ufa State Institute of Arts plays an important role in the cultural life of the Republic of Bashkortostan. About 95% of the academy graduates work as members of theatres, philharmonic, orchestras, higher education institutes, art and culture colleges, children music and art schools, on radio and TV of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in municipal and state structures. The institute has two educational buildings. They are situated in the historical part of the city, the main one is in the building of the former Nobility Association. Nowadays in the Zagir. Ismagilov Ufa State Institute of Arts there are four faculties and 21 departments, where teachers train students for 33 specialties. Training students is carried out by full-time and part-time forms on the free and commercial basis. In 1993 a research assistant course for all music-performing specialties was opened, and in 1998 were opened postgraduate studies, where musicologists in area of scientific researches were studied. Later, the research assistant course was organized for the students of theatre, dance and visual arts. In the educational buildings of the Institute there is a research library with a subscription department and reading rooms, a branch library with a reading room in the 2nd building of the Academy (general fund is more than 60 thousand items), a museum, as well as classes for technical, folklore, Bashkir music training; a recording studio, computer labs, sports and fitness facilities.

The Shalyapin Concert Hall has 310 seats. The area of its stage is 6,23 м. х 12 м., that gives the possibility to work with a big symphony and folk instruments orchestras: The Concert Hall is provided by 3 concert pianos («Steinway&Sons» and two pianos «Grotrian-Steinweg»), by two artist’s rooms, by recording hall, acoustic equipment, remote controls, by choral machines in three rows.

The Chamber Hall (a small concert hall) has 104 seats. The area of its stage is 9,76 м. х 3 м, provided by two concert pianos («Bechstein» и «Petrof»), by the harpsicord, remote controls, acoustic and light equipment. To improve actors’ skills is created a School theatre, presenting a holistic system.

The school theater auditorium has 306 seats (for items of equipment it is close to the conditions of professional theatre). It is provided by the stage with the area of 7.68 m x 12,36 m. The Stage Mirror is 6*9 meters, a depth of the stage space is 12 meters, the mine is 6 meters. Stage clothes are white concert ones (three side-scenes), and black Cabinet (four side-scenes). Zagir Ismagilov Ufa State Institute of Arts has a hostel for 640 seats, where there is a medical room, hygiene rooms, kitchens, lounges, showers, lifts. There are Internet and telephone connections, central heating there. All nonresident students are provided by accommodation. The Ufa State Institute of Arts was established by the USSR Ministry Council Resolution №417 from 05.06.1968 as a multi disciplinary institution to train specialists in the field of music, theatre and visual arts. By the 1968 direction No. 783-R and by the Bashkir SSR Ministry of Culture Order from 27th of June 1968, No. 130 the building, located in 14 Lenin street was given to the Ufa State Institute of Arts (the former building of the Nobility Association, 1834).

Transferring the buildings to the Institute of Arts is notable for the fact that it is not only the 19th century architecture monument but it is due to the name of the greatest Russian singer Fyodor Chaliapin. In 1891 he made his first appearance on the professional stage as an opera singer. In honor of that historical event on the facade of the building the memorial plaque was placed. Since September 26, 1996 the Concert Hall of the Ufa State Academy of Arts has been named after F.I. Chaliapin. In 2007, to the left of the entrance to the Concert Hall the memorial to the great artist was inaugurated. Established in 1968, the university was founded on the basis of an educational-consulting center of the Gnesin State Music and Pedagogical Institute (now the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music), functioning in Ufa. The Institute of Arts was designed to meet the challenges of training skilled professionals for educational institutions and for cultural and art organizations of the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as for organizations of the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation. Music and Theater Faculties, and five multi-profile departments: Piano and Orchestral Instruments (the violin, viola, cello, double bass), Choral Conducting and Folk Instruments, History of Music, Theory of Music and Composition, Drama and Actor’s’ Skills, Humanities were organized in the new founded Institute. In 1969 the Vocal Department was opened, in 1978 - the Wind and Percussion Instruments Department. In 1973 the Culture Ministry of the Russian Federation authorized to open an Art Department. The same year, the first students entered the Art Department. The teaching collective was staffed by teachers and graduates from the Moscow and Leningrad Universities. The largest number of teachers came from the Gnesin State Musical and Pedagogical Institute. The leading teachers from the Ufa College of Arts were also invited. Some years later the Institute gradually expanded, the number of departments and specialties, which training was provided in the Institute, significantly increased. The achievements of the team significantly rose. It was conductive to further growth of authority, creative and scientific potential. In 2003 the Institute of Arts was awarded the status of Academy. In 2015 by the Order of the Russian Federation Culture Ministry the University was returned its historical name: Ufa State Institute of Arts by preserving the name of Zagir Ismagilov, the founder of the Institute.

Zagir Garipovich Ismagilov (1917 — 2003) was the first rector of the Ufa State Institute of Arts headed it for twenty years. Z. G. Ismagilov was an outstanding composer, People’s Artist of the USSR, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan, Laureate of State Prize of the Russian Federation and S.Yulayev State Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan, honorary member of the Sciences Academy of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Professor. The natural recognition of the eminent musician and public figure merits in creating and developing the Institute of Arts, a high assessment of his contribution to the Bashkir culture was the assignment of his name to the University.